Company Information

Welcome to “itelvid”
(i-tel-vid): i = information, tel = telling stories, vid = anything that moves people.
We at itelvid specialize in telling stories that inform people using digital media. What does that mean? Well, won’t find a lot of techno-latin here. Very simply put “we use digital tools to tell your story”.
We don’t think that storytelling has changed that much over the years (well actually some of us have forgotten how!) and try to keep that special something (voice) in our production. Let’s face it you can’t fake human voice.

So whether its Web development, CD/DVD interactive, Panoramic VRs, Knowledge based trainings, Design Creation, or Video Production we create our ideas around the idea that human voice continues to flourish throughout our culture. Additionally we are here to listen very carefully to your story.

When we tell your story we want to get it more than right. In today’s overheated media markets an ordinary message gets lost in the shuffle. Audiences more and more are getting impatient and fickle.

We understand this dilemma. Because of these changes we have narrowed our focus to smaller markets. This, because we feel that mass marketing has become unrealistic in a micro-marketplace such as we have today. Thus, freeing us up to concentrate on the details of your stories that would normally get swept aside.

Some visual and audio products are at the point where they are almost indistinguishable from each other. That is not what we are about. We are into the details of what you want in your story and will go to great lengths to tell it. So that your audience gets it the first time. No if, and’s or but’s about it.

Nuff said, don’t take our word for it after all some say that we are all type! (Excuse us that’s what we do.) Take a look around.